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Finally, ENTRELEADERSHIP Business Coaching to make 7-Figures with Proven Strategies even Oprah used.


Life’s too short to be stressed and living week by week.

Why waste your time and money with fluff and hype strategies that bring you a low ROI? 

Having built successful 6 and 7-figure  businesses during past recessions, I know how to help you EVOLVE through hard times and achieve success now.

Entreleadership strategies will get you there and stand out from the crowd!

Oprah built her success using these principles and so can you.

Click on the button below to book a time for a Free 30min Discovery / Strategy Session now. Let’s discuss how you’re going to grow.

Come and join us May 19th to 30th!

The Entrepreneur’s Summit Online Video Series

Join 24 Expert Entrepreneurs from around the globe for the Entrepreneurs’ Business Video Series Summit. These experts give YOU their tips and strategies on achieving success, for FREE on various topics essential for business and yourself.

Plus bonuses galore!

Registrations are open NOW. It strictly runs from May 19th to the 30th.  

**Join us NOW…

Kelly O'Neil - Positioning & Profit Strategist

Michelle Baxo - Empowerment Coach

Tanya Kunze - Thought Leader & Sales Keynote Speaker

Aerlie Wildy - Business Efficiency Consultant

Alexis Fedor - Business Developer of Artists

Christy Witman - Channel for The Council

Frances Pratt - Sales Success Architect

Lacey Nagar - Confidence Coach

Lindsey Vertner - Personal Development Coach

Kirsten Stendevad - An Illuminary Leader

Megan McMullin - Onboarding Coach with "Meet Edgar"

Lois Stonstegard - Business Coach & Consultant

Tristan White - Entrepreneur & Author

Gina Gardiner - Empowerment & Relationship Coach

Megan Fenyo - Transformational Speaker & Trainer

Carolyn Cook - Transformation Coach

Georgia Foster - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Felicia Kelly - Business Strategist & Consultant

Mike Michalowicz - Author & Entrepreneur

Kirsten Klug - Business Growth Strategist

Sigrun (Gudjonsdottir) - Business Mentor

Dale Beaumont – Business Coach

David Neagle - Architect of Coaching & Personal Development

Beate Chelette - Business Growth Architect

Uplifting, empowering, inspiring. Thank you. I’m so impressed, I did three courses.


McKillop Foundation

I learned a lot from Sonia. She is so knowledgeable I felt I want to become like her.


Hello World

Sonia’s information has helped me in the different parts of my business as well as for me.



A knowledgeable and passionate presenter. Keep up the good work Sonia!



My (short) Story…

I didn’t realise I learned things differently. I learned how to teach myself, so when I started achieving awards and great results, people asked me to teach them. I was hooked! I love helping to develop people’s potential as well as developing their businesses.

I started my first business from scratch when I was 25 with a new baby too and was training staff in my first year. That’s when I fell in love with building successful businesses, even through the recession and GFC.

I’m passionate about empowering people now and for the future. I’m a visionary and futurist with the ethos of “Paying-it-forward”. I help Business Owners to get ready for the future and thrive!

I’m not happy until my clients are, whether their business is micro, small, medium, or large.

And Snoopy loves me being home and talking to people because he likes to get in on the act and share biscuits with cups of tea!

Tell me about your story…

"I believe that one of life's greatest risks is never daring to risk." - Oprah Winfrey








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